I've been having a lot of fun doing cam shows for my members - we've definitely had some hot times! But I wish I could have a more intimate setting with some of my viewers - time to focus just on them. That's why I've started offering private live cam shows. It gives me a chance to get to know you a little bit better and tailor the show just for you. I'm online as much as I can be to do shows but I keep strange hours and I'm not really on at any predictable times. The most reliable way to get in touch with me is by ICQ or Yahoo Messenger - just check the buttons below to see if I'm on. We can chat about what you would like to see and set up a great show that's sure to fulfill your fantasies.

If I'm not online, click here for a list of my friends who are online - I can guarantee that anyone on this page will give a great show!

I'm open-minded and I love to try new things, so if you have a fantasy you would like to play out, let me know! My personal favorites and specialties include teasing, toys, roleplaying, talking dirty, wet and messy (20 minute minimum for a wet-n-messy show), smoking, pantyhose and
foot fetish. I'm always up for old fashion intelligent conversation too. Your particular kink not on the list? Ask me! Sometimes I get as much out of the experience as my viewers and I can discover a new passion or interest to spice up my sex life. You guys keep coming up with the creative ideas, and i'll keep tryin' them! Of course I have my limits - a general rule of thumb is this - if it's illegal, I don't do it. And if it requires a leash, or toilet paper, it ain't gonna happen.

My prices are as follows:

Cam only 10 Min. $30.00
15 Min. $45.00
20 Min. $60.00
25 Min. $67.50 (10% off!)
30 Min. $81.00 (10% off!)
Cam with audio 10 Min. $40.00
15 Min. $60.00
20 Min. $80.00
25 Min $90.00 (10% off!)
30 Min $100.00 (17% off - best value!)

Purchase a show!

I use Eyeball Chat and Yahoo Messenger to do my shows through. Both are free downloads, so check 'em out! The easiest thing to do is to see if I'm online and send me a message through Yahoo Messenger or ICQ and we can see about getting you a show! My ICQ number is 291031381.

One of my favorite specialties is a slow, sensual and tasteful strip tease. Sometimes leaving something to the imagination can be the most satisfying part of all. It really gets me excited to know that all of our attention is focused on each other as I reveal my delicate curves and soft skin inch by inch. It can be a really sexy introduction to a longer show or a short and sweet end to a hard day at work.

I have a nice sized collection of sex toys that I just love to break out and enjoy. My favorite lately has been my pink leopard print vibrator - it's got a nice strong buzz that can make me come in minutes and it's big and hard for when I need a good hard fuck. I'm gonna wear out the batteries on that thing soon! If I don't have a toy you would like to see me with, you can always purchase something for me to use at XXXPressToys.com. Just let me know you're doing it and when it comes in I'll give you a discount on a private show.

Sometimes losing myself in a hot and sexy roleplaying fantasy can be the most enjoyable part of my day. I'm always open to suggestions and new games, but some of my favorites include the naughty schoolgirl, the boss's daughter, the sexy bartender, the bad influence girl next door, and the dominant mistress. We can lose ourselves in a fantasy and have a lot of sexy fun doing it! But please, no underage or incest fantasies - I know I look young but it's off limits.

Talking Dirty
As anyone who has seen my public shows already knows, I have a sharp tongue and I'm not afraid to use it. I can use my words to spin smutty stories and exotic fantasies or, I can be filthy, funny, and endearing. To quote one of my customers, "watching you call that guy a fucking asshole was the hottest thing I've seen all year!". I'm unpredictable, witty and can be merciless.

Wet and Messy
Some days I just need to make a big mess! Whether it's with a bottle of baby oil, chocolate syrup, or something else wet and sticky it is so much fun to dive right in and cover my naked body in it. And there's something so sexy about watching a girl lick chocolate syrup off of her own body, isn't there? This is definitely a category I'll take suggestions in! If I have it in the house and it sounds like fun, I'll give it a whirl. Just remember that I require a 20 minute minimum for a messy show and I can't type to well covered in goop so you might want to get audio if you want to chat with me :)


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